Thursday, January 05, 2006

Closing In On D-Day

Haven't checked in with the blog for a couple weeks, mainly because of the holidays and the rising panic in my preparations to travel to Africa. Funny -- after knowing I would be heading to Africa all these months, I'm cramming at the end just like I crammed for exams back in school. Some habits die hard -- if ever.

Anyway, my fellow Yanks and I had our last formal pre-trip conference call last night, so I guess we're getting pretty close to heading out the door. I hope to still squeeze out an introductory podcast before I get on the big iron bird, so look for that in the next week. (If not then, then sometime in February, I guess.)

Oh! And I don't believe I have mentioned that I gave Mrs. Lt. Dan a trip to Paris for Christmas. When I return to Amsterdam from Africa on February 5, Mrs. Lt. D will fly to Paris and I'll catch a train to the City of Light. We'll spend a week there and get reacquainted with each other. As if I didn't have enough to think about -- now I need to learn how to speak French, too.

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