Saturday, October 08, 2005

How Would You Pronounce Our Hotel Name?

't Hotel

That's not a typo above, it's the name of the hotel the Flying Yanks are staying in while in Amsterdam, after we leave Tanzania. How am I gonna pronounce this name to the taxi driver?

Anyway, we've got two nights in Amsterdam to get reacclimatized to the West, and 't Hotel actually has a room that will hold all five of us Yanks. The hotel is a canal house not far from (the) Dam Square and the Anne Frank House, which I've always wanted to see. Best of all, it boasts an "extensive breakfast buffet," which ought to keep Kong from getting too antsy.

It's a little weird planning for accommodations in Amsterdam while the focus is on Africa. Europe will be odd after three weeks in the bush.

Still Recovering... But Thinking Ahead

Two weeks since my back injury, and I'm still in pretty bad shape. I've spent most of the past fortnight in bed. (Fortunately, my job pretty much requires only a laptop and a phone.) Lots of rest and frequent massages from Mrs. Lt. Dan are slowly helping, I think. (No, this is not a ploy for more frequent massages, Mrs. Lt. D.)

With all this sedentary time on my hands, I recently had the idea to do a podcast on the Flying Yanks' upcoming trip to Tanzania. A daily audio log of the trip could be somewhat interesting. I'm going to look around the Web to see if anyone else has ever done something like that.