Friday, November 04, 2005

Dr. Personius to the Rescue

So, OK, six weeks on and my back is still a problem. That's enough. I finally took a friend's advice and went to visit a physical therapist, Dr. Personius. He spent two hours with me today and gave me a couple important things:
  1. Some physical therapy
  2. Some exercises to help strengthen my back
  3. Advice to quit my job, since the stress is apparently causing my back pain
The first two were much appreciated; the third just stresses me out even more!

But it's a good start. I'm starting to get out and walk again -- time is my enemy now, so I need to gain a relatively decent amount of fitness even if it's a little uncomfortable right now.

Ten weeks to go, and mere walking is a heroic achievement these days. Aye carumba. Dr. Personius, work your dark magic on me!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Violence in Zanzibar

Our visit to Zanzibar at the tail end of our trip is supposed to be a time for idyllic recovery from the tough climb up Kilimanjaro. That still might happen, but Zanzibar will need to pick up the pieces from a rough election period going on right now.
(BBC)The security forces on Tanzania's Zanzibar islands have broken up a crowd of opposition supporters claiming victory in Sunday's poll.

At least five people were arrested as teargas and water cannon were fired at people singing and dancing after Muslim prayers in the capital, Zanzibar town.

Official results could be released on Monday after overnight counting.

There were sporadic clashes on election day but the extreme violence of previous polls has so far been absent.

More than 30,000 members of the security forces have been deployed in the semi-autonomous islands. Some 500,000 people were expected to cast their ballots.

Election season is not over yet, either; there will be further polls on the Tanzanian mainland on December 14. Need to keep tabs on that.

Maybe this will be my opportunity to meet my teenager dream of being a war correspondent, a la Edward R. Murrow. But really, I'd rather spend my time on the island in idyll.