Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Doubts About Kili

(Also transcribed from my paper journal.)

Not much going on with the Flying Yanks these days. We're all still talking about Kilimanjaro, albeit very slowly and only in sporadic emails. I have the feeling there will need to be an all-out dialogue on the phone one of these days so we can figure out whether we're really going to do this thing.

Monty expressed his concerns about altitude in an email to me today. He's got a good point; none of us have experienced life at 19,000 feet -- how will we hold up? I suppose that's a question all Kili trekkers face, though. Some people make it to the summit, some don't. My take on it is that I'd rather give it a shot and fail than not take a shot at all.

But let's wait and see what the group decides... we can have an equally great time doing Machu Picchu or something else if Africa isn't favored by the majority. As long as we go somewhere!