Thursday, September 09, 2004

No Flapjacks For Me

(Another post from my paper journal.)

See yesterday's entry about my health issue. I've decided to go ahead with the MRI tomorrow, so I'll miss out on the Flying Yanks reunion weekend in the Cascades. I'm going to mope around the house all weekend. Hopefully, the other four guys will make some Africa decisions in my absence.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Flapjack Lakes! ... Or Not

(Also transcribed from my paper journal.)

Looks like we'll be hiking in the Flapjack Lakes area near Seattle this weekend. (At least I think I'll be there -- health issues might be getting in the way -- see below.) Jax has done due diligence in prepping for the journey.

So now I have a health issue, thanks to the growth of tissue that's been residing in the back of my mouth for the past dozen or so years. I finally went to see a doctor about it, and he wants me to get an MRI done on it as soon as possible. They scheduled me in for this Friday -- which means I would have to bail on the Flying Yanks' guy weekend. The growth has been sitting back there forever; you'd like to think it wouldn't be a problem for another few days. But damn, Dr. Dierks has put a little fear of the Almighty in me. I need to make a decision rather quickly on what I'm going to do; the plan is to convene at Jax's place in Seattle tomorrow night.