Saturday, May 01, 2004

We Dream Of Africa

(This entry was transcribed from my paper journal. I had no idea how to do a blog back in early '04!)

This is the first entry of what I hope will be many entries about the Flying Yanks' next adventure, which I think will be in Africa. We've been talking off and on since we were in New Zealand last year about our next destination, and Africa (Kilimanjaro in particular) has consistently arisen as a place of interest. We still have some discussion ahead of us about this, though; I'm not sure we're all 100% sold on it yet. For my part, I'm certainly sold -- I've neglected Africa and South America in my travels, and Kilimanjaro would be a great way to experience the continent.

We're also still talking about other places to go, including Machu Picchu in Peru, as well as Alaska. (Visiting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before it gets drilled would be cool.)

Right now, though, the main discussion point among the Yanks is Kilimanjaro, so we'll see where that goes. On the table is the timing question; we're talking about whether October 2005 would be a possibility.